WEDDING GAME part 5 (Funny Game Ideas for Reception in New Normal)

WEDDING GAME with a modern twist! This is our host’s version of bouquet and garter toss for the next groom and bride perfect for the NEW NORMAL!

“The garter toss is so time-honored, it’s downright medieval (seriously). Back in the olden days, guests would tear at the bride’s clothing, trying to snag a piece of fabric said to bring them good luck. Yikes! Brides of the Middle Ages wised up and started stripping off their stockings and garters, throwing them into the pack so they could escape relatively unscathed—literally tossing her garter.

Thankfully, guests have become much more civilized as the centuries have passed and are no longer prone to ripping a wedding dress to pieces. Instead, the groom gets the honor of removing the garter (often to ‘90s slow jams), then tosses it into a pack of single bros. Less destructive? Yes. Beloved by modern brides? Not so much.”

In our wedding, we opted to SKIP THE BOUQUET & GARTER TOSS entirely (more of this on our future videos). It actually came as a surprise since we let our host to his thing! We very blessed to have Sir Randolph as our host since we did not have to worry about the program flow. He was the one who led the program from start to finish. We couldn’t get any more grateful!


Even AS A TEENAGER, I have dreamt of a fairytale-like wedding and imagined how I’d walk down the aisle with my man waiting at the end.

As a CONTENT CREATOR, I’ve saved photos from pinterest as my pegs, pictured how it would look like in our feed and imagined a huge crowd of guests cheering for us on our special day.
But as a FRONTLINER, I know my dream wedding is far from reach at this time.

Because as a DOCTOR, I have seen first-hand how lives were lost due to COVID-19. I have seen how people wept for their deceased loved ones.

But we also couldn’t deny the fact that as a BRIDE AT THE TIME OF PANDEMIC, we’ve faced the difficulty of having to re-schedule and re-plan a once-in-a-lifetime event over and over again because of the constantly changing protocols. We couldn’t help but question, “Who will we un-invite to limit the guests? How do you tell family & friends they cannot be accomodated?” That, for us, is the hardest part.

But at the end of the day, AS A CHRISTIAN, I believe that the SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE is more important than the GRANDIOSITY of a wedding. When it comes down to deciding between a once-in-a-lifetime event vs LIFE itself, we always have to choose the latter.

Last April 11, 2021, we celebrated the gift of LOVE and LIFE in an intimate Christian wedding. With our first degree relatives, closest friends and people we look up to standing as witnesses in our union, it was a wedding we never thought we needed– simple, pristine & INTIMATE.

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