WEDDiNG DAY!! Adley is a Bridesmaid and Family Hotel Getaway! flowers, dancing, and lots of candy

Congratulations to our friend Alli on a BEST WEDDING EVER!! WE LOVE YOU ❤️


Best Bridesmaid Day Ever 1258

It’s wedding day!! Our really really good friend Alli is getting married and she has asked Adley to be one of her bridesmaids. So Niko Bear and I are hanging out while Jenny and Navey help Adley get all ready. We explore and look at the decorations. We even give high fives to Slade the handsome groom. Niko suggests we go spy on the girls to see if they are ready yet. We find their room and peak our in to find that Adley is sooo gorgeous. Jenny did Adley’s hair all fancy, she’s wearing make up, and putting on jewelry. When did my little girl become such a little lady. Seems like yesterday she was taking her very first step or leaning how to swim, and here she is doing a morning routine with make up. my mind is blown.

After the girls are all ready, we decide to head to where the wedding will happen so adley can practice walking down the aisle. Niko pretend plays being the groom while Jenny and Adley walk towards him. She’s a little nervous but its super cute. Alli arrives and its time for here to get into her wedding dress. Adley gets to go help and see the dress before everyone else cause she a bridesmaid.

Its time for the ceremony, so Jenny, Niko Bear, baby Navey and I take our seats and watch as Adley is so cute up there while Alli and Slade get married. Adley did amazing and huge congratulations to Alli! We are so happy for you!

They are serving lunch now, so we sit down with our friends Nick and Elise. Nick is the editor for A for Adley and he is Alli’s brother. So we are really close to their family. While we eat and listen to people give toasts to the newlyweds, Navey has discovered pudding and she makes a mess. Her hands and face are all covered in chocolate as she eats more and more. It takes both Jenny and I to clean her up. As soon as we are done, Adley comes running up to us to let us know that a dance party is starting and they are playing Navey’s favorite song by BTS. The whole family joins in on the dancing and fun!

After the wedding, dance party, and lots of treats its time to head out. We are staying at a hotel for the night. Just easier than driving all the way home with three tired kiddos. Adley helps me get a cart for all our luggage and she looks like a little baby escaping from prison with her legs sticking out of the bars. We get back to Jenny’s purple tesla to help her load up all our bags while chasing Navey to make sure she doesn’t escape. We get into the hotel and Adley remembers that Niko Bear used to run around the halls of the hotel, so all three kiddos start running and screaming, having fun. Once in our room, Adley finds a magic crystal ball and tries to read my memories. Is she magic?!!

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