How to Make a Cascading Bridal Bouquet with Roses, Orchids and Calla Lilies

This free DIY video will demonstrate how to make a cascading floral wedding bridal bouquet with mini calla lilies, roses, and dendrobium orchids. #WeddingFlowers #RoseBouquet #DoItYouself #bouquet #flowers #FloralDesign
The instructions are easy to follow with tips, tricks, and trade secrets provided by a professional florist. Make this bouquet a day before the wedding. Soak the bouquet holder in warm water until no air bubbles appear. Groom the roses removing the leaves and thorns. Put the bouquet holder on special bouquet holder clip. If you do not have one put bouquet holder in a heavy container, so you can use both hand to apply the flowers.
Start with longer flowers of cascading part and then move to the top part. For the top and middle of bouquet cut the stems to 2.5 inches. Keep adding flowers until the desired shape is achieved and then insert the greenery stems to create strong stems grids inside the bouquet holder. Strong stems gridlock ensure that flowers of this large heavy bouquet will stay in place during the whole duration of wedding ceremony. Mist the bouquet lightly, cover with loose plastic bag and keep in a cool place.
Materials used:
Approximately 3 dozen roses
Bunch of 10 stems of dendrobium orchids
10 mini hot pink calla lilies
Baby’s breath
Israeli ruscus
Bouquet holder Grand size

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